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A Kid’s Eyewitness View: What Happens in Religious Education?


By a Spirit Play Member

I am 9 years old and I have been attending Religious Education, or RE, for two years. I’m writing this to let you know what goes on every Sunday in RE.

When it’s time to light the chalice in the main hall, we know it’s time to go to RE. I’ve memorized our Mission, Values, and Covenant, so I am comfortable saying them in front of the congregation. As they sing us out to the “Go Now In Peace” song, the aisle where all of the kids are exiting is very crowded. As they walk the kids in a line to the RE classroom, all of the kids catch up on each other’s news.

The Doorkeeper shakes our hands and asks if we are ready for Spirit Play. After we come in, the kids form a circle with everyone sitting next to their friends. When we do “Joys and Sorrows,” everyone says what they are happy or sad about.

The storyteller then tells a story based on the “Rainbow Principles.”  When it’s time to do activities, everyone gets really quiet so they can get picked first. The things that there are to choose from are blocks, drawing, dress-up, Play-Doh and other fun activities.

Everyone is in a rush to get first in line when RE is over and their parents have arrived to pick them up.

Some of the kids are happy to see their parents, and some don’t want to leave.



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