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Weekly Message to the Congregation: January 19, 2012

Headlines: Games Night Friday, Jan. 20, for all ages
Sunday Services, Religious Education Classes Sunday
Master Planning Q & A after both services, Sunday, Feb. 5
Congregational Meeting and a VOTE Sunday, Feb. 12
Sunday volunteer opportunities: coffee, Family Promise, audio
FUN EVENTS at UUSS—No Divas UUCCS quartet, Jan. 28
New Adult Enrichment—vegetarian cooking, health care policy
Theater One new script run-through Wednesday night

Dear Members, Friends, and Guests:

Greetings! Some quick notes:
*Happy Lunar New Year—Asian New Year! It’s the year of the dragon. What a better way to celebrate with Friday’s game night at UUSS!
*I write with a chill and while watching gray skies, finally! Never thought I would be welcoming a cold rain, even saying a prayer of thanks for it.
*Last week’s Message “bounced back” to us. If you have a Pac Bell, SBC, or related “domain name” in your email address, the company’s servers refused to send the email to you. I will post weekly messages on my blog just in case. Be sure to have our email program list as an approved, non-junk sender.
* Doug is away at a family memorial service. He will be away Tuesday through Thursday at the UU Pacific Central District ministers’ mid-winter institute where he’ll be presenting part of the program. I’ll be here.
*At the fall auction, did you buy my Jan. 26 lunch at Plates Café or my ice cream party? Do you want to be added to the guest list, at the same cost as the auction winners? Let me know. By the way, I’m still trying to unload the “sermon topic for Doug,” which I “won” at the same auction. Surely you want to give him a tough topic!
*Thanks to all staff and volunteers who helped UUSS to be a great host church for the Middle School UU Gathering (MUUGs) for our Pacific Central District. I hear it went well—over 60 youth for three nights!
*We extend our condolences to several members. Doug and Erika Kraft will be in Philadelphia this weekend to attend her sister’s memorial service. Judy Moore’s son lost his wife to cancer recently. Peggy Middleton lost her husband of nearly 50 years, when Bob died unexpectedly last week.
*We also extend our healing wishes to those who have been dealing with other kinds of losses in your lives, and those facing challenges to your spirit or your health. Please let us know if a minister or Lay Ministry volunteer might provide you with some support.

This email includes announcements and invitations to activities of our congregation. I won’t repeat much in this email that you can read in the January Unigram, posted on our website. Even if you get the newsletter in the U. S. Mail, you may want to see the full-color pictures.

Come Play a Game With Me! – This Friday
UUSS’s first Games Night of 2012 is tomorrow, January 20. Doors open at 5:30 PM for a potluck dinner. We will eat at 6 PM. Just bring a dish of any kind to share. It can be something you made, your mother made, or you bought on the way over.
Game playing begins at 6:30. We will provide cards, chess, checkers, board games, toddler games, kid games, and adult games. But if you really love to play a certain game, bring it and we will play it with you. Come by yourself, come with a friend, or come with your whole family, but come to play.

All we ask is that you come play a game with us. For information, contact Megan Snyder (916-359-1099), Ginny Johnson (916-649-0575 or), or Carrie Cornwell (916-442-1637). Click on the name to send an email.

Sunday Services at 9:30 and 11:15—I am preaching Sunday, the Starr Singers sing, and Lisa Derthick is worship leader. Read the sermon blurb in the January Unigram or at our website by clicking the highlighted link. Religious Education takes place at 9:30. For infants or toddlers (through Kindergarten), Room 11 is staffed from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM .

Volunteer Opportunities Coming Up, starting Sunday–
Ways to Make a Difference and Get to Know other People at UUSS

Coffee & Tea Making one Sunday a month–
If you have been looking for a way to serve at UUSS and happen to love coffee, look no further!
Coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, orange juice drinkers, water drinkers, hot cocoa drinkers, and non-drinkers –all welcome to help! A great way for you—new to UUSS or not–to get to know more folks. Tom Lopes is hoping to find enough volunteers so that you only have to work one service (early or late), one time per month. The commitment is only about 2 1/2 hours. If this sounds like it could be your “cup of tea” (or coffee, or O.J.), please contact Tom Lopes for more information. (Click the name.)

Sound Board/Audio Monitoring during services—Consider joining the volunteer team to staff the sound board so all can hear the services and all speakers can be “on cue.” Lee Watson will be offering his volunteer time on some Sundays, so we want to build a team of people who know how to use the sound system.
It’s easy once you know, and a very important way to be of service. Contact Eric or Doug if you have some interest or questions.

Family Promise guests arrive Jan.. 29–A way for singles, couples, families to connect with others here while helping newly homeless families regain self-sufficiency
The UUSS Family Promise team invites newcomers and veteran volunteers to sign up at Sunday Connection Central to help us be an attentive host congregation. Guest families are here the week of January 29. Options: evening hosts, overnight hosts, meal providers, laundry team, FP trailer tow, set up and clean up crew, coordinating team members. Any questions? Contact Jeanabeth Halley, Joyce Bray, Cathy Bowen or Barbara Hopkins. Healing wishes to Nancy Oprsal, who has a fracture!

Theater One spring production—March 16-April 1. It’s Gore Vidal’s The Best Man. Run-through of the script is Wednesday, Jan. 25. Contact director Bobby Stewart for more information: 916-489-4248.

Adult Enrichment Classes
New and continuing courses and workshops under Adult Enrichment. Sign up at Sunday Connection Central or contact the teachers listed below.

Vegetarian Food—Not Just for Vegetarians—“ABC’s of Vegetarian Eating” began last Sunday. It continues at 12:45pm. Guest speakers, wtih food samples and discussion, cooking demonstration in the kitchen. Come learn simple vegetarian meals, even if you are not a vegetarian. The UUSS Earth Justice Committee offers the course in support of the UUA Statement of Conscience on Ethical Eating. (Yum!—RJ)

Health Care Study SCHEDULE CHANGE–
We’re going to start the Health Class on Sunday, January 22 at 12:45 instead of 1:30 p.m. It will be in the Library. During this class, we’ll review the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act, the new federal health legislation. We’re doing this for the 49ers fans, so everyone (including Ginny, the instructor) gets to see the whole game. Meets every other Sunday, through April 15. There is a fee of $30 for all 8 classes or $5 per class. Scholarships are available in cases of financial hardship. Check at the Adult Enrichment table for info.
Yoga classes- Monday mornings & evenings. Paige Labrie invites everyone to try a first class for free. Monday sessions during January and February are $56. Paige is at Sunday Connection Central to greet you.

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Classes include eye and breath exercises and meditation. Mondays,10:00-11:00am.

Easy Yoga includes the practice of Pranayama (breath work) as well as Asana (posturing). Aside from the physical benefits such as increased range of motion, strength, balance, and flexibility, Yoga also assists in stress release, developing attention skill, and cultivating an awareness for the moment. Both moving and still meditation are part of the process. Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm. Fahs Room.

Fencing Class for All Ages — 1st, 2nd, & 4th Tuesdays at 6:30pm! With a mix of adult and younger fighters–everyone is welcome. Small donation requested for the loaner masks and swords that Nytshaed School of Rapier maintains for students without gear. Led by Douglas Leonard and his students. (I saw Toby having a fun lesson!—RJ)

Book Discussion- The UU Readers book group meets Tuesday, Jan. 31, from 6:30-8:30pm to discuss The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswany. Click this link to read a great 2006 review in the NY Times.

For more classes and other opportunities for involvement, see the Sunday Connection Central Table and listings in the Sunday Blue Sheet.
Important Events about our Congregational Life Together—

Congregational Business Meeting—Your UUSS Board of Trustees has called a UUSS meeting for Sunday, Feb. 12, after the second service. Child care will be provided till 1:30, but it’s not likely to be necessary that long. This is a vote on the Master Plan! Come to the Feb. 5 Master Plan Q & A conversations with your questions. After both services–one at 10:45 and one at 12:45. Why wait? See the expanded architectural plans on the wall in back of the sanctuary this Sunday! More about this at

POSTPONED: CONGREGATIONAL CONVERSATIONS—spirituality and covenant —This new opportunity will be rescheduled due to the Feb. 12 Congregational Vote. But here’s the summary: We will have an opportunity to work with some of the feelings and forces within us that guide our spirituality in relationship to community. The first will be an exploration of our feelings of Love, Fear and Spirit. (It was very well received a few years ago.) The second workshop will move into our Mission as we explore how we “deepen our lives.” The third will explore how we can be “a force for healing in the world.” Please join us in this exciting new adventure — Lance Ryen and Jean Fleury.

The Steward-ship is Sailing—Our annual pledge drive is how UUSS raises funds for the church budget for the next fiscal year. Members and friends make a financial commitment, and the budget is based on what we promise. There will be some special events, testimonials, letters and newsletter articles.

Stewardship Q & A sessions are after the 11:15 service Jan. 29 and Feb. 26. You will be invited to bring your questions and feedback about UUSS and funding priorities, as well as to learn more about what stewardship means for the congregation.

There is an Early Pledge Drive of a few dozen members in February. This will give UUSS a preliminary total to announce at Celebration Sunday. (Additional Visiting Steward volunteers are welcome!) Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 4, when we will only one service at 10:00 AM. We will have bagels and refreshments before church and a party afterwards. For more, see the article on page 1 of the January Unigram.


Games Night: 5:30 PM potluck; 6 PM games, next Friday
January 28: UUCCS Rocks! Our UU friends at the “South Church” in Elk Grove invite us to join them HERE at UUSS for a lot of fun: Dust off your tie dye, love beads and bell-bottoms and rock out with classics from the 60s and 70s with fellow UUs. Have a blast with No Divas – a musical quartet that features members of the UU Community Church of Sacramento.
Saturday, January 28, 7:00 at UUSS, 2425 Sierra Blvd. Admission: Adults- $15, Children under 14 – $5.00, children under 5 – free. For information contact Annette Emery by clicking the link or calling (916) 296-2650.
February 17 & 18: “A Parallel Universe”: an exciting evening of comedy, mental magic and mysteries! a UUSS fun-raiser and fund-raisier, with member John Heinen, Friday and Saturday nights
March: March 4 Celebration Sunday, one service & RE at 10 AM
Theater One’s spring play March 16-April 1. It’s Gore Vidal’s The Best Man. Run-through is Wednesday, Jan. 25. Contact director Bobby Stewart for more information: 916-489-4248.
April 13: Shindig @ the Hex with UU musician Jim Scott.
April 28: Concert/Lecture–UU author/singer Rev. Meg Barnhouse
June 15-17: UUSS Family Camp at Camp Norge in Alta, CA.
We seek additional, new team members (adults or youth) to help plan and promote this great event. Let me know.

Yours in service,

PS—January 8 Sermon—thanks for the kind words from several of you. Because there are some family dynamics and living relatives mentioned in my sermon, I will not post it on It is available only to you by password on my Pastor Cranky weblog or on paper from the office.
Not password protected on my blog are my reflections, links to interesting articles, reviews, and old sermons. There is a link to an article about rearing compassionate children from a progressive religious publication.


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