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Here is the cover page and table of contents.  Including notes and bibliography, the  term paper is about 35 pages.  I will post one part per day, but will not post all of the parts unless I get permission from sources to publish what I received from them.  If you would like to see the paper in person, I can show you at church.

  December 16, 2011.  Term paper for

History of Christianity in the Pacific Region, Pacific School of Religion

Table of Contents


PART 1          About the Author and Abbreviations Used Here

PART 2          Introduction

PART 3          The Philippines:  Geography, History and Religious Context

PART 4          Religious Demographics

PART 5          Unitarian Universalism in the Philippines:  An Overview

PART 6          Unitarian Universalism in the United States:  An Overview

PART 7          Unitarianism and Universalism from New England to the Pacific Coast

PART 8          Universalism in Negros:  Story of An Accidental Apostle

PART 9          Pacific Encounters I:  A Japanese Visitor in 1958

PART 10        Pacific Encounters II:  Quimada’s Travels and Guests

PART 11        The Road to Admission to the North American Denomination

PART 12        Pacific Encounters III: An Accidental American Missionary, 1985

PART 13        Pacific Encounters IV:  From Sri Lanka to the Philippines, 1991

PART 14        Faith in Action:  Philippine Forms of UU Leadership

PART 15        Theological Similarities and Differences:  Are You Christian?

PART 16        International Relations:  The Pacific and Beyond

Appendix I:     Unitarian and Universalist Churches on the Pacific Coast in the 1800s

Appendix II:  Partner Church History—UU Church of the Philippines and North America

Appendix III:  Is It Christian?  Historical Details on American Unitarianism

Appendix IV:  Reflections on Colonial Involvement and Post-Colonial Distance

Notes and Bibliography



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