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Five Habits of Healthy Congregations–Leading, Following, Participating, Building Trust

What is Leadership?  What is Followership?  Both have to do with trust and participation.

I’ve enjoyed many articles about ministry and healthy congregational dynamics by the mainline church consultant Anthony Robinson.

This article is especially good.  If you are in any church/denomination whose polity is congregational, or even one with a fair degree of congregational decision making, I think it’s relevant.   If you are a Humanist, Buddhist, Pagan, or Jew then the Christian language and context of some of the paragraphs may not be to your liking.  If you can’t translate into your own faith idiom, that’s okay, just read them and move on to the other paragraphs.

If you are allergic to words like “follower,” I beg your patience with the gist of his article.   In fact, there’s a good definition of the term followership, as coined by my UU colleague Paul Beedle.  And no less an authority than Harvard’s Ronald Heifetz is quoted in defining leadership NOT as solitary authoritarianism but in the skill to be present and help the community face its big questions and its big challenges–together.

If you can’t open it, let me know and I can lend you the paper copy.


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