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Sky-High Sabbath– On my Way to the Philippines

Saturday I fly from SFO to Tokyo and then to Manila.  Two days later I fly to Dumaguete City, on Negros Island, where the UU Church of the Philippines has its HQ.   They will be hosting the conference of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.

Assuming little turbulence, I like flying in a plane.

I get a lot of reading done.  Few interruptions–except for the beverage cart and the food cart (on international flights).  I also catch up on my popular culture with the little TV screen on the seat back in front of me.

Getting on a plane is a way for me to MAKE MYSELF take a break.  Since adding some administrative and managerial duties to my portfolio (which I enjoy) and starting  part-time doctoral studies, I’ve been busy.  I thought January would be easier.  School was not to start till January 31.  I have done a lot but many things remain unfinished, not even started!   Except for travel to Tucson on MLK Weekend, I have not taken a full day off during any week since Sunday, January 1.

I will be doing UU business, with liberal religious friends new and old from nearly every continent, so it’s not really a vacation.  But it’s a change of pace, change of venue, change of perspective.  That’s what Sabbath is supposed to provide.  It starts on the jumbo jet.



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