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Another Great Stewardship Testimonial–UUSS–Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012

Next Sunday morning is Celebration Sunday, when members and pledging friends will make their pledges of support for the upcoming budget year at our congregation.   Each Sunday a member or friend has delivered a testimonial about their feelings about the congregation and their financial commitment to its ministries and programs, staff, upkeep and outreach.  I have posted all of them on the blog.  Here is the latest.

Hello and good morning,

My name is Jorge.  About 8 years ago I started to attend this congregation ever since my partner, Ron, introduced me to the idea of Unitarian Universalism.  I was born in a small town in western Panama and raised in strong catholic family environment.  If my Father could see me now in a pulpit, he would fall on his knees shouting …. “ES UN MILAGRO….it’s a miracle.”


Growing up, I was the perfect catholic boy attending mass every Sunday, going to the confessionary and along with it, its corresponding hale Maries and Our Heavenly Fathers as penance for my previous week of mischievous acts.  However, as I got older I started to get more curious about the natural world and wanted to learn more about Science.  Something within me started to question some of the beliefs that I was taught in Catechism. My parents could not understand why I was being so stubborn asking such questions and now I can only imagine what went thru their minds…a heretic son!  So surely, I started to drift away from the Church and ultimately walked away from all the mumbo-jumbo of incoherent ranting, homophobia among many others….the list is long!


Science ignited my mind and beliefs, and taught me to truly seek the truth and not just be a mindless automaton.  I have followed that career truly applying the Scientific Method into my life.


And yet, here I am as a “friend of UUSS” as friend of this congregation speaking out why I support this institution.


I enjoy the camaraderie of peers who charm, challenge and comfort me — I am not alone.  This congregation is indeed a SAFE HARBOR.


I am comfortable with the ongoing ceaseless ferment of ideas here.  I align with the important work of social justice and the path that this UU has carved into our noble history.


I want to help sustain this community, a community for the stranger who may come thru that door next week, who may be seeking what UUs can give.  And I hope, beyond my years on this planet, that such strangers will become like me, supporting this ongoing community.  This place is truly a BEACON OF LOVE and JUSTICE.





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I loved how straightforward and detailed Jorge was in his description of how his path brought him to being a supporter of UUSS.

Comment by Patti

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