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Prayer for and conversation with the Walkers for the American DREAM–fairness and opportunity for the children of immigrants

Today our Social Responsibility convener hosted a conversation with several young college students or recent graduates who are walking across the country as part of the Campaign for an American DREAM.  They arrived in Sacramento yesterday after visiting the Bay Area.   They came to the second service and then met with several church members in a classroom.   Only one walker was a woman, and only one a U. S. Citizen.  I arrived late, so I’m not sure how many are still undocumented.  They walk to raise awareness of the plight of the children of undocumented immigrants who brought them to this country.

The federal America DREAM Act provides educational access and an opportunity to receive financial aid for college to students who, through no fault choice of their own, never achieved residency here.  Some children ha

This was day 9 for their walk.  They’ve been staying with host families and congregations.  At one stop, a host bought them all new sneakers.  I met one from Orlando, another from Georgia, and I forget where they all came from.  They will gather more walkers as they travel.  Monday at noon is a rally or press conference at the California Capitol.   This was an inspiring and cheerful crowd of “kids” from different faiths, of different sexual orientations, all with different stories.   Near the end of the conversation, I thought of asking them if they would like a prayer.  Usually my own folks wouldn’t think to ask for one.  I shouldn’t have let this keep me from asking, but I did.

Then, after the circle broke and I was saying goodbye, one of them said he had a Cross in his pocket and asked if I would bless it for their journey for him.  I said sure, then asked:  “Would you like a prayer?”  He said yes, so I got the attention of everyone and asked for us to join hands.  One of my Humanist lady said, “A Unitarian prayer, okay?”  I paused, reflecting that this prayer was for the young people on this walk, it wasn’t for us.  I said “A Universalist prayer.” We joined hands and the boy with the small painted wooden cross in his hand put his hand in mine.  Afterward, nobody complained, and the student activists thanked me.  (And I saw them walking in our parking lot in the rain, with high spirits and smiles.

This was the prayer I said, more or less:

Spirit of Life, God of Love and Mercy:  we know you by many names and expressions of faith, by deeds of courage and vision, and the longing for justice. Bless these brothers and sisters on their journey.  Bless  them as they walk and speak and show the way to a better future not only for themselves, but for all of us.  When they feel weary, renew their spirits.  When they feel alone, bless them with comfort, reassurance, and the open arms of brothers and sisters who welcome them along the way.  Bless their families and friends and all those dear to them.    Give them the assurance of our support and encouragement of them and our confidence in them.  May they know we thank them for their sacrifice and celebrate their courage and vision.  Bless their walk and bless them.  Amen.

Read about the walk at this link:


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