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Call Me Foolish! Call Me Faithful! — Family Minister’s church newsletter column for April

Unigram newsletter April 2012

The big vote approaches!

A few days after you read this, UUSS members will cast their votes on the Board’s motion for the congregation to call me as a settled associate minister.       As I write this article two weeks earlier, half of our UUSS households have not filled out a pledge form for the coming budget year.   This makes me a bit nervous.

The two most precious things about churches with congregational governance is the right to choose their own clergy and the right to sustain and fund their own programs, with no outside interference or dependence on a hierarchy.  Of course, with rights come responsibilities.

Without financial support from all of our pledging friends as well as our members, UUSS would not be such a strong community, giving safe harbor, sharing our beacon of love and justice.   It matters!

If you are a member, I hope you show up and vote.  If somehow you missed the Membership Orientation courses and forgot to sign the book as an official member, consider joining UUSS after the vote.  Meanwhile, you can still give your feedback and ideas to the Board, ministers, and members regarding this vote and the other business of significance.

I look forward to the vote.  I find pleasure in the date of the occasion:  April Fool’s Day!

We’re not looking for a simple majority vote by a bare quorum.  We’re hoping for a 90% or more “Yes” vote by a large turnout of members.  However this may turn out—a strong affirmation of our ministry together or a surprise message that maybe we’re not so well matched for a longer commitment—I have faith in this congregation and your future.

As a reflection of your vitality, size, needs and vision, you have had a full-time second minister on staff continuously for nine years.

I have been honored to serve for four of those years.  I’ve grown personally and learned much from our lay leaders, adults, youth and children–not to mention our gifted, caring and compassionate lead minister.

Yes, I’m nervous about the pledge results and excited about Sunday’s vote.  But I have faith in this congregation’s ability to rally, step up, and move forward into the future.

With a firm foundation of our heritage, openness, creative lay leadership, mission, values and covenant, I know that the congregation will shape the future as it lives into it with joy and love.

Yours in service,

PS—If you haven’t turned in a 2012-13 pledge form yet, please contact the office.  Your commitment right now can be pivotal to the future of this thriving congregation.  Thank you!



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