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Who Supervises Whom on Church Staff?

Members of the congregation voted to call me as their settled associate minister on April Fool’s Day.  Who was more foolish?  Not sure yet!  The board secretary said the 53% quorum of voters in person and by proxy was unprecedented.   The vote (on paper ballots) was 98% in favor of the call (199 yes to 4 no, and I didn’t vote).  I accepted this call, of course!

My role as manager of church staff and the main link to daily administration does not change by this vote.  I’ve been doing that since last June.  Thanks to the work of two 3/4 time consulting administrators, we have a new administrative structure.  This is a pilot project, to see if we can provide better service, more staff coverage, and a culture of customer and member service with more specialized staff roles.

Here is the current breakdown of staff and supervision roles.

It’s easy to forget, as we’ve had a lot of changes in the past year.

I supervise the Religious Education Assistant (16 hours/week position), Bookkeeper (30 hours/week), and Congregational Support Coordinator (CSC, 30 hours/week).  The CSC in turn supervises the Receptionist (full time) and our new Facilities Coordinator (FC, 20 hours/week).  Since late July we’ve been well served by a 3/4 time business administrator consultant; the current one will depart soon, with our deep thanks.  We also draw on the services of an IT consultant, one of the best values in that field.

The FC supervises three custodians and a maintenance technician.   The Lead Minister, along with relationships with lay officers, worship leaders, capital campaign and long range plan leaders, supervises the music staff, a  membership consultant and me.

In a later post I will talk about the division of my time here–and the non-divisibility of my time.

I will try to answer the question:

How much of my time at work is “ministry” and how much is “administration”?

(It’s all ministry!)


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