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What Is the “Hunger Banquet”?– Sunday, April 29, at UUSS

The Hunger Banquet is a consciousness-raising and fund-raising event designed by Oxfam.   Many churches have hosted one, and soon our Senior High Youth Group will host it:  Sunday evening, April 29.  They are selling tickets after the 9:30 AM service the next two Sundays.  Donations for the tickets begin at only $2 per ticket.  You may give more.  The youth and some parents have been soliciting donations from local merchants for the meal.

The way this “Banquet” works– you arrive and are given a seat at a table.  The food served and the proportions of it will reflect the distribution of food among the population of the world.  Hence, some of us will have a very nice meal at a very properly set dinner table– but only a small percentage of us.  Most of us will have a modest amount of food, perhaps rice and maybe some vegetable protein.  This experience gives us a visual and tangible sense of the inequities in food distribution and access.  It gives us food for thought, as we watch others enjoying a great meal while we get just enough to eat.  It may make us self-conscious if we are at the nice table and most of our friends and fellow diners are sitting nearby with a bowl of rice.

I’m sure there will be lively conversation and fellowship–not just a tense or boring meal.  Come to think of it, in the cultures around the world in all times of history, it’s been the fellowship that has made a meal, more than the food.  Come explore this!

Send me a COMMENT or an email if you can’t come on Sunday but would like to buy a ticket or make a donation to our youth group’s event.

Read more about the concept from OXFAM at this link.


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