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Moving from “Hired” to “Called” — Other UU Churches on the Road

In case you are not local, you may not have heard that the congregation met and voted last Sunday, April Fool’s Day, to call me as associate minister.  The vote was 199 to 4 (98%, on paper ballots, and I didn’t vote).  The quorum was more than our minimum and more than our usual:  53% of our members cast ballots.  Board Secretary Meg said it was the largest turnout ever.  She’s too young to remember very far back, but I’ll take it!

I’ve been here since 2008, hired on a yearly contract.  Our lead minister has been urging me to think about this since I started year 2, and last spring I told him I was ready to move forward with a process.  He brought it up to the Board in summer, and the Board appointed a task force.  Several meetings, forums, a review of my experience, an interview with me, more forums later, and the board voted to recommend a congregational vote.

Usually the “hire to call” process is more intentional from the beginning, and usually the decision is made by the end of year 2.  (Then they usually promote the “assistant” minister to “associate” minister.  I have been “family minister,” which was already in the associate category with regard to compensation standards.)

This church and I have known each other nearly 4 years and we’ve come to the point where we know enough to turn this common-law marriage into a legal one.  Many thanks!                             Other larger UU churches that are looking at the hire-to-call procedure have just hired some wonderful new young ministers, both of whom I know and love.  Take a look by clicking the city name:

Charlotte, NC:  Page 1 and 10 of the newsletter.

Appleton, WI:  Click on the assistant minister link on their front page.


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