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Unitarian Church in Transylvania from 1568 to the present

Tuesday, May 29, in the Connection Central Lobby and UUSS Library

·      1568 to the present:  Slides & Talk by Zoltan Koppandi, 7:00 pm

·      Unitarian Communion–Rev. Koppandi & Rev. Jones, 8:00 pm

Unitarianism started in a Hungarian speaking principality near the Carpathian Mountains, between a Catholic empire and an Islamic one.  Now Transylvania is part of Romania, but the facades of the Unitarian churches there still proclaim “God is One” in Hungarian.

At 7:00 my young colleague will talk about Unitarian origins and current realities in Transylvania.  He is finishing a year in the Balazs Scholars scholars program at our seminary in Berkeley.  A suggested donation of $5-10 will help support this program.

At 8:00 is The Lord’s Supper, as Unitarians call communion in Transylvania.  (Grape juice and gluten-free bread alternatives available in place of wine and wheat bread.) It’s beautiful and traditional—yet heretical!

This communion is Christian in origin and structure, but Unitarian in its theology about Jesus of Nazareth.  If all you know of communion is from Catholicism or from a Trinitarian Protestant church… well, this isn’t the same thing!  Since the late 1500s, the liberal faith in Transylvania has not changed radically.  Yet it has endured wars, religious oppression, Communism, and Romanian nationalism.  Click this link for information from Wikipedia. Please register your interest at Sunday Connections Central.


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