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For the Future… 

What a great youth-led Oxfam Hunger Banquet we had on April 29!  On April 1, Eli’s song and brother Eric’s loving-kindness meditation grounded us before the fool-ishness of Doug and Roger.  On Mother’s Day, our grade-school UUs were great when they acted out a Spirit Play story—at both services, no less.

We’ve been having more kids at church, including infants and toddlers.  They seem happy to be here, and they are so darn cute.

On June 3, we start our third summer ArtWorks series in Sunday School.  At 9:00 AM, on Saturday, June 9, we have an orientation for potential Spirit Play volunteers for the fall.  Interested?  Give me a call, shoot me an email, or just show up before 9 AM in Room 7/8.

In August, we pack a year’s worth of UU religious education into one week of kids’ Chalice Camp.  In the fall we start two new series of the sexuality and UU values program, Our Whole Lives.  (We just concluded an OWL series for sixteen 7-8th graders!)

It’s often said: “Teens and children are the future of the church.”  Well, maybe.  At UUSS we have enough life-long UUs and three-generation UU families to back that up.  Yet national trends now say that folks don’t stay in the faith of their childhood they way we did for much of the 20th century.

In truth, teens and children are the church of the present.  They are here right now.  Our presence as a community of adult supporters and volunteers makes a real difference in their lives, just as they touch our lives.

You can’t always know how the time you share, talents you offer, or money you donate will make a difference in their lives, or in anyone’s life.

But be assured, it makes a difference.  Whatever we do now will make a difference for them–building character and confidence, giving inspiration and hope, sowing seeds of understanding, self-acceptance, and compassion.

These gifts of the present will yield life-long benefits to their future.

Deep thanks to all of you who give so much of yourselves to build and sustain our ministry with all ages in this church.

Thank you for considering the invitation to serve, and then for answering yes.

I know you are glad you do.  So am I!


Yours in service,


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