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Pastoral Prayer UU church service on July 1, 2012


Please make yourselves comfortable, and join me in a few moments of quiet, after which I will offer a pastoral prayer.  Then, after another moment of silence, we will hear some music.

Spirit of Life and Love, You who are beyond all naming and as close as our breathing and our beating hearts, bless us and all those we hold in our thoughts.

We draw together today at the midpoint of the calendar year.  Six months have passed in a flash for many of us; how fast will the coming days arrive and leave us?  On this day and every day, let us pause to notice the moments, giving thanks when ordinary blessings touch our lives:  a call or a message received or sent, a meal enjoyed with others or in solitude, arising from a good rest, achieving a day’s goal, arriving at a destination in one piece.

As a community, we give thanks for the time and care given by those volunteers working on planned improvements to our church campus, increasing its beauty, size, energy efficiency, and usefulness for generations to come.

Among us are many reasons for gratitude and celebration:  Roger and Ruth mark 68 years of marriage today.  Maxine has achieved the 80-year mark.  Some children among us rejoice at their day of special attention.   If you wish to call out your own reason for joy aloud, or whisper it quietly with gratitude, you may do it at this time.

We know that no human life is without sorrow for long, and many among us remember loved ones who are gone.  As we hold their images in our hearts, let us make the words of their names with our mouths, aloud or whispered, at this time.

In our church and among our wider circles of connection are those dealing with health problems, medical challenges, physical pain, and emotional or spiritual afflictions.  We call on the gifts of healing and ease for others whom we love and for our own souls and bodies.

Speaking of health, the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Care Act came last week nearly as a surprise.  Many of us feel relief and reassurance at the news. We may have differing views on the best ways to protect vulnerable children and adults from medical tragedies and financial ones.  Yet we can recognize a decision that has been made through every branch of our form of government.  Let us move ahead. as people of goodwill, with confidence to find ways to build a healthy nation.  Let us honor and thank those who devote their lives to the professions and labors of health care and the work of healing in all its forms.

This Wednesday a day of celebration of America the Beautiful, of remembrance of this nation’s founding and its promise.  May we strive to extend that promise… from sea to shining sea, to widen the circle of those who love mercy, to mend our nation’s every flaw, to crown our good with brotherhood, with sisterhood and the kinship of all generations.

Let us embrace a vision for the common good, ever-widening.  With so many corners of our country in pain, let us work and pray for mercy.  With so many parts of this world suffering under war and oppression, let us pray for the fresh air of justice, freedom and peace for all people.

Spirit of Life and Love, bless us and all those we hold in our thoughts—this day and in all the days to come.  So may it be.


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Lovely, Roger. Thank you for putting this on your blog.


Comment by odessaerin

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