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Kids talking at Chalice Camp with Pastor Cranky

Conversation at the short lunch table at Chalice Camp earlier this week:
I was asking Alec, almost  7, about his “Scooby Doo” lunch box. Was it originally a parent’s box? (It’s their and my generation.)
No, it was his, given to him recently. (I should have guessed; it was a soft-sided one.) Does he know Scooby Doo? “Yes, I’ve seen a lot of episodes. I’m also watching John Adams.” Who’s that, another kid asks. “The second president.”
Really?! I asked him. “Yeah. It’s kind of grownup-y, but I like it.”

As I write, they are all giving a shaving cream hairdo to the oldest boy in a wading pool outside.

This is the first time our congregation has offered Chalice Camp in six years.      We tried last year but didn’t get enough registrations in time.  This year we publicized it in advance and a great lay leader stepped forward to be camp director.  We decided that 9 kids (grades 1-6) was enough to get going, and that if we make it happen this year it will generate more interest for next year.

We are just about breaking even on the costs (stipends, materials) even while giving some financial need tuition reductions.

We have good staff support, a lot of cheerful and willing adult helpers, and four great teenage camp counselors for this year’s camp.  I am so touched to see these youth blossom as they teach, nurture, and exemplify UU faith and values.  Thank you so much!

An important thing about Chalice Camp–in addition to the fun that happens in most camps–is that the kids and the teenage counselors both get a year’s work of UU heritage and values education in just 5 days.  Plus worship, snacks, arts, music, and getting each other soaking wet on a hot afternoon.  Here is the official site of the creators of Chalice Camp:


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Hey, I bought him that Scooby Doo lunchbox! -Alec’s Mommy

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