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Prayer for Kids: Spiritual Themes, Virtues, Practices

Part 2 of 2

[As noted in Part 1, last week we led the second of two sessions for 19 people called                            Spirituality, Sanity… and Parenting.  Dale is a professor of social work and I’m the family minister.]


I asked the group to come up with words that describe spiritual things–virtues, practices, issues, terms.  I wrote down the words on newsprint.  Here in not much particular order, is what we came up with.

* Gratitude  * Kindness   * Purpose in life  * Empathy  * Service  * Honesty  * Curiosity about the world  * Empathy  * Compassion

* Community  * Personal calling  * Social conscience  * Respect for others  * Respect for nature  * Relationship to God  * Loss  * Illness  * Birth

* Peace for self  * Peace for others  * Living in the moment  * Joy  * Opposing injustice  * Forgiveness  * Generosity

These themes–and others–are all suitable for our prayers and intentions.

I said that prayer can be …


Asking for…


Opening oneself to…

Reflecting on…

Expressing joy, sadness, thanks or other feelings about…

So if we encourage kids to speak, think about, write about, or otherwise engage with one or more of the above themes, virtues, terms or practices, I believe we are promoting depth, awareness, and well being.



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