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Installation Ceremony—What to Expect Whether You Can Make it or Not!

All Welcome:  At UUSS in the Main Hall, 4:00 p.m., Saturday, September 29

This is a formal ceremony to enact the calling of a settled minister by a congregation. Our members’ vote to call me in April was an honor for me.  For UUSS I think it underscores that you have become officially a two-minister congregation.

UU ministers from around the Pacific Central District will robe and enter in a procession (along with my doctoral classmates and friends who are clergy in other denominations).  A Collegial Choir will sing.

Our cooks and bakers will throw a tasty reception, and other volunteers play many important parts.  I am grateful to Meg Burnett, Tina Chiginsky, Linda Klein, Judy Morrison and Susan Rothman for coordinating this event.  Thanks to our office staff for their support!

At the service, our offering will be dedicated to the UUA’s “Fund for the Living Tradition.”  This provides emergency assistance to ministers in financial distress and medical emergencies.  The fund helps out seminarians and new ministers burdened by educational debts.  It supplements small pension incomes of elderly retired ministers and surviving spouses.

Installation and ordination ceremonies are the main way that this lifesaving fund gets replenished.  If you cannot attend the ceremony but wish to help out, feel free to drop off a check at the UUSS Office or hand one to me.  You may write it to “UUA-LTF.”

If you can help out, please know you will be making a difference.

I am grateful to be generously supported by this congregation—hence, not to be in need of emergency assistance.  I am grateful also for the privilege to be your minister!



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