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Installation Ceremony — Charge to the Associate Minister — September 29, 2012

This was the last element of the service before the recessional hymn.  It came right after the sermon.

by the Rev. Kathryn Kandarian-Morris

As a seasoned parish minister, I have participated in many of the installations in this district, and in districts far and wide.  In so many of them we have welcomed new ministers into the fold and delivered charges to congregations and ministers alike to open up to a strong and purposeful ministry.

But here, I am asked to charge a veteran minister-but a youthful one!- minister, who not only knows how to live that committed ministry, but has already demonstrated that dedication and leadership here in this very religious society. You have done this work well, and right here!

So the charge then, in this place where this ministry is already moving and recognized among the people, the charge is to live out that ministry fully and whole-heartedly.

It is widespread in this world to ask our leaders to lead, and then to pull back on their sleeve. It’s not unique to ministry but is narrated in biblical story and demonstrated in today’s civic landscape. We question and fear every decision they make, second-guessing every vision they point us to, being afraid of our own still small voice and wisdom to join in and ride along.

So Reverend Jones, wise veteran minister, who is so prudently skittish of so many faddish passions, but rather in it for the long haul, I charge you to live out that ministry, that focused ministry that we have clearly seen is not likely to get pulled off course. Grab hold and open up the throttle a bit so that you can receive that reserved fuel and take your power.

Because, you have it, you’ve demonstrated that, again and again, to your colleagues, to your congregants, to your Faith; you’ve demonstrated that you won’t take the wrong route, that you’ll gently listen to those who tug on your arm with antsy butterflies. They will be cared for, because you do that well, too. Keep your eye on that prize because you are already holding the sparrow.

We are with you, the Spirit of Life is with you, and you are hereby charged to:  let ‘er rip!


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