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Installation Prayer at UUSS — September 29, 2012

by the Rev. Barbara Hamilton-Holway

This is a profound and joyful moment.

Rev. Roger Jones and the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento have chosen to further their ministry together.

Spirit of Life, of Love, be present here.

Be present in us.  Awaken us.

This moment is full of love, open our hearts so we may feel it.

This moment is full of power, open our minds so we may know it.

This moment is full of beauty,

open our eyes and ears so we may let it all in.

This moment is full of meaning for our precious human family.

Let our hands tell of our love.

I invite you to open your hands to Roger,

to send energy and blessings to him.

We give thanks for the ministry of Rev. Roger Jones.

We see in Roger the light of compassion, the light of inspiration.

He calls us to justice, he calls us to our better selves.

He so often shines with gratitude and praise and playfulness.

May he feel our gratitude, our appreciation,

our sacred trust in his ministry and in this ministry we all share.

May he remember in the times of his own grief and bewilderment,

when he feels his accomplishments are unseen.

May he feel our love glow like the sun.

Now I invite you to reach out toward

or touch the shoulder or take the hand

of people around you.

We join together to remind ourselves of the truth

that we are all connected

that we depend upon one another more than we know

that we are one body.

May the touch of hands remind us of the divine spark in each of us.

Here we are just us folks,

regular people, flawed and imperfect,

capable of glory,

inherently worthy, infinitely gifted and generous.

So much is possible.  Help us through our squabbles and struggles.

Each of us teaches, each learns;

each of us ministers, each is ministered to.

Together we have a greater wholeness.

We pick up the ministry of what others have done before us

and we extend love forward.

Let our love encircle this gathered community

and ripple outward around our green and blue planet.

Help us bind ourselves in union.

When we all serve one another than our heaven is begun.

Let us hold this precious moment… with grace and gratitude,



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