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Ministerial Installation–Chalice Lighting Words and Choreography

Chalice Lighting                  [Chalice & stand are up on the stage, over to right side near organ alcove]

[Narrated by alternating voices]

 We are people of a liberal faith assembled in celebration, this day!

As we draw inspiration from the traditions we share and affirm our common commitments, we prepare ourselves to light a chalice.

A symbol of Unitarian Universalist community.

A reminder of  the divine spark in each person: inherently worthy, infinitely gifted, inherently generous.

Each one of us part of a greater wholeness.

Each one of us a reflection of the light of love.  Let it illuminate our path!

Choreography:  Two adults  light the small candles held by four kids sitting on the aisle halfway in the back.  They carry the candles up and gather around an Adult Chalice Lighter, who will be holding a brass candle lighter.  She takes their lights together as one flame on one wick and remains standing on the steps of the organ alcove.


With the kindling of this flame, let us awaken our hearts and minds to the ministry we share.  All of us are leaders and learners together… in this faith, which extends love across the generations with gratitude and with grace.

Choreography:  Adult Chalice Lighter walks the flame up the steps of the organ alcove, up the steps onto the stage by an elder or a youth.  From the other side of the stage, a girl does two cartwheels across the stage and stops to stand near the chalice, then takes the candle and lights the flame.  They pause, and then after silence returns, they move down together and take their seats.


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Thanks for all the details. I missed some of them attempting to take pictures. Glad you are on board officially!

Comment by Bruce Moulton

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