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TESTIMONIAL by Carrie on CAPITAL GIVING CAMPAIGN LAUNCH SUNDAY, for “Building the Beloved Community”

September 23, 2012


Twenty years ago this month I made a decision that would change my life:  I decided to come to church, here.


When I got here I found a vibrant young adult group, supported by a minister, herself a young adult, who UUSS had hired with funds from a special fundraising appeal. 


Also, 20 years ago, Greg Redmond was moving to Sacramento from St. Louis for his medical residency.  One of his fellow residents was the spouse of that UUSS young adult minister.


In 1993, Greg and I met here in Room 6, right over there in the East Wing.  It was at one of the weekly Sunday evening young adult meetings.  Six and a half years later, we married.  In 2005, our son Alec was born, and a few months later his naming ceremony took place right here.


This place was quite different in September of 1992.  The chairs were a much more bright and bold orange then than they are today.  The reverends John Young and Richelle Russell, the young adult minister, presided over services.  Judy Bell was church president.  Thirty-year old buildings aren’t nearly as worn as 50-year old buildings.  And many of the faces smiling back at me on that Sunday in 1992 are no longer with us.


Still this community – and especially that young adult group – provided me with a special place to come every week to learn about myself, explore religion, and get to know others on a like path.  Those meetings shaped my spiritual life, developed my practice, and in the end, created my family.


In April of this year, my husband Greg told Bud Swank – our capital campaign consultant and today’s preacher – that UUSS is central to my world.  I hadn’t ever thought of it like that, but standing here, I know he’s right.


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