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Voices of the Beloved Community, #4 — UUSS worship service 10/29/12

We had a beautiful ensemble of members’ voices last Sunday, talking about how this religious community has touched their lives. This one is by a woman who is 20 and who grew up here with her older brother and parents.  She volunteers at the UU Legislative Ministry offices in Sacramento.

Good morning.  I have been going to UUSS for 15 years now. I was born in San Luis Obispo in 1992 to Janet ___ and John ____. I first started attending a Unitarian Universalist church in Coronado when I was 2. I don’t remember much from my time there, a few Sunday classes and maybe meeting the minister. We moved to Sacramento when I was 4 and we started going here when I was 5. I started in the Kindergarten class where I met my two best friends Shannon and Hillary. We have remained good friends to this day.

I went to Sunday School, Junior High Youth Group, and am currently still with the Senior High Youth Group. I did all 3 sessions of OWL and went through Coming of Age.  Connie [minister for education] was still here when I went through coming of age, and we were the very first group to go on a pilgrimage to Boston and the UUA headquarters. I’ll never forget that experience, we took part in a protest about Marriage Equality [for same-sex couples] in Massachusetts. We were in the middle of the protest trying to find the subway entrance and we had to cross the street where the anti- gay marriage protesters were. I was so shocked by the things that they were saying it made me appreciate being raised UU. I never thought much on my being raised UU until then and how unusual that is.  I realized that many people come to Unitarian Universalism later in their lives. Both of my parents were raised Catholic, and they didn’t find Unitarian Universalism until they had us.  My Dad likes to say “I’m a recovering Catholic.”

UUSS has always been a part of my life; I’ve played, laughed, and cried here. I’ve served twice as the youth member on the Board of Trustees, and served on the All Ages Task Force. All this I have accomplished because of you, you being here is what’s made me the person I’ve become today.

You have taught me compassion, integrity, and acceptance. It was you who made me grow not only spiritually, but also intellectually. It is because of you that I can speak in front of an audience of many without even batting an eye. It is because of you that I found my voice, my inner fire that burns within all of us, that spark which we all feel. I want all the youth to know that these people, these wonderful people, are going to be here for them just like they were here for me. Because we are a community that plays, laughs, and cries. We care, and I am glad to be a part of that “we.”

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