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Voices of the Beloved Community, #2 — UUSS worship service 10/29/12

#2:  We had a beautiful ensemble of members’ voices last Sunday, talking about how this religious community has touched their lives. This one is by  a retired state employee in her 60s, a divorced grandmother whose grown children live out of the area. 

Good morning.

During my college years, I left the church of my youth, Roman Catholicism, when it became clear to me that I could no live within it tenants.  Although I sometimes attended services at various churches, I did not feel connected to any particular church and did not identify with any religion for years.  My religion, if one stretches the definition, was social action—against the Viet Name war, and for fair housing, civil rights, and equality for women.

I came to Unitarian Universalism as so many other do after my children were born and growing to school age.  We felt the need to provide them with some church background and structure.  Truth be told – I knew I was missing something, too, but couldn’t articulate what I lacked.

As my husband and I were discussing our search for a church with a friend, he suggested that we might like the church he was attending.  He lived in Colorado Springs and we lived in Boulder – miles apart – but he was sure there was a UU church close to us.  As he told us more, we were intrigued.

It wasn’t long before we attended services at the First UU Church of Boulder and quickly jumped with both feet to be fully involved.  I remember feeling, “Ah, I’m really home.”  The kids liked it, too. There were Sundays that the only reason we went to church was that Kir, then 6 years old, had to go to RE.  He loved his teachers and the Haunting House curriculum.  I’ll never forget the day, Erika, then about 11, came home from visiting another church as part of the Church Across the Street program.  She said, “Mom, do you know that at that church, they….”

It was great.  I could have told her that, but to have her find it out and then share it with me was magic.

When we told our parents about our decision to go to a UU church, my mother-in-law’s response was not helpful.  My mother, the Roman Catholic, understood completely.  She said, “I’m so glad you’ve found a comfortable church community.”

And that’s why I’ve stayed.  I found a wonderful community.  When I moved to Sacramento 25 years ago, I attended UUSS on the first Sunday I was in town and have been here every since.

I’ve been challenged to learn and try new things.  I’ve been cared for and supported during times of trouble and hurt.  I’ve laughed and cried.  I’ve danced and I’ve sat (as in mediation).  I’ve taught and have learned.  I’ve taken social action, too. Now it’s more focused on voters’ rights, education and health care.  Not so much different that in my youth.   Being part of the UUSS community helps me be more like the person I want to be.

I am part of a wonderful group of caring, thoughtful, accepting, loving people.  I’m thankful beyond measure to be part of the UUSS community and am so glad you are here, too.

Blessed Be and Amen.

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