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2012 Election Results: As a UU, Pastor Cranky Is Pretty Happy

Unitarian Universalists around the country can be proud that we have been early leaders in the movement for marriage equality for same sex couples.   UUs and other progressive religious activists (and financial donors) were deeply involved in Maine’s approval of marriage equality by a vote–a turnaround for that state in voting, and the first time equality has been achieved by a vote and not by a court ruling or a legislative action.

It looks as if the same thing will happen in Washington State–a proactive, pro-marriage referendum will pass.  Maryland voters defeated an effort to revoke marriage equality for same sex couples, which legislators and the governor had earlier put in effect.  Minnesota voters stopped a ban on same sex marriage.   UU activists were involved in all of these efforts.

See for more justice news.

The Hon. Tammy Baldwin was elected Wisconsin’s first woman U. S. Senator and first openly gay one.  I first heard her speak at a UU Interweave convocation hosted by our big church in Madison about 20 years ago, when she was a state legislator.  She was dazzling as a speaker, progressive advocate, leader, and woman.  She’s been in the U. S. House and now moves to the Senate.

Here in California voters approved several of the propositions recommended by the UU Legislative Ministry Action Network’s board and other progressive religious lobbying groups. While the death penalty did not get abolished (Prop. 34) in spite of my stirring sermon about it in September, and GMO food products will not have to be labeled as such (Prop. 37), other favored initiative did pass.

It was a great relief to me that Prop. 30 gained a majority– it is the tax increase to cut our budget deficit and support our public schools, community colleges and state universities.  As a Sacramento minister, I know how demoralizing it has been to many of the dedicated state civil servants to endure work furloughs, threatened layoffs, and layoffs of their coworkers.  I appreciate that voters were willing to take this step for fiscal sustainability.

Most UUs are pro-choice on abortion, though I do know some who identify as pro-life.  I am pro-choice.  As a native of Indiana, I was pleased that the open U. S. Senate seat went to the conservative Democrat rather than to the tea-party Republican who had said in a debate that he believes that a pregnancy caused by rape was intended by God.  Most other major races in Indiana went to Republicans, but not this one.

Locally, a few friends and friendly acquaintances either won election or are still in a race too close to call.  One dear friend did not win a seat on our municipal utility board, but he ran a strong campaign and inspired several dozen volunteers to put in many hours for him.

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