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A UU church’s new 8:30 am worship service for atheists–in Tulsa

Last Sunday an usher gave me a long newspaper clipping from the Tulsa World, with an article about his sister’s church there and about my colleagues who serve at All Souls Unitarian.  It’s nearly our largest congregation in the UUA.  (By the way, “All Souls” is one of the most common names for our UU congregations.)

I just did a google search so I could link you to it, and found that many blogs are hot on its trail. I smiled at the one that put quotation marks around the word church in its blog headline.

This article has a very thorough and clear explanation of our Unitarian heritage as well as a good summary of demographic data about the fastest-growing group of people in religious landscape–those unaffiliated with an organization or distinct tradition.   Some of them–but not all–are non-theists or agnostics.  \Okay, here is the article!

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Thanks for the reference very interesting!

Comment by Bruce Moulton

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