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The Buddha’s Map–New Meditation Class for Folks at UUSS


>The Buddha’s Map:  Ascending the Path of Meditation He Actually Taught, led by Rev. Doug Kraft.  Sifting through the earliest records of the Buddha’s talks, looking for what he actually said about meditation, we find an elegant, nuanced and amazingly effective practice. It is a cousin to Insight Meditation as it is often taught in this country. And, it has differences. It rejects one pointed concentration and emphasized relaxation, ease and a sense of humor. It blends the cultivation of ease with cultivation of insight. As the practice deepens, the instructions shift to take advantage of the skills you have gained. This eight-week class introduces you to this meditation.


Meditation can only be learned through regular practice. So, before signing up be sure you can commit to meditating daily for a minimum of a half hour (longer is better). If you already have a meditation practice, you’ll be asked to set it aside for the duration of the class and use the practice taught in class.


From 3:00 to 5:30 on 8 Wednesday afternoons, January 9-February 27. PLUS an all day retreat Saturday, February 23. If you have to miss several classes or the all-day retreat, please hold off from signing up for this series.  Class limited to 25.

Fee: No explicit fee, but donations to support UUSS are accepted in the Buddhist practice of dana (generosity).

Classes will include periods of meditation, talks about the practice, personalized instruction and time for questions, answers and discussion. Beginning as well as experienced meditators are welcome. The book The Buddha’s Meditation:  Awakening the Ease, Serenity and Insight in the Hearth of His Path is available.

Please sign up for the class at the Adult Enrichment table at Sunday Connection Central.

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