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Philippines News–Typhoon Damage to UU Communities on Negros Island, Emotional Plea from Philippines Leader about Climate Change Action

Some members have asked me how the UU Church of the Philippines came out of the two back-to-back typhoons that hit the southern part of the archipelago, and how it has been dealing with life since then.  Fortunately, nobody in our congregations there was killed, but that is small comfort given that many of their fellow Filipinos have died from flooding, landslides, and building collapses.

My summary of a report by the president of the UUCP, the Rev. Rebecca Sienes:

The UUCP headquarters building in Dumaguete City (on the island) was damaged by wind, water, and falling trees and construction materials.  Its facade was damaged, and large trees fell in the inside and outside gathering areas. 

Some of the village church buildings were damaged by winds, and some members’ homes did sustain damage, especially roofs torn off their houses.  There are 27 congregations on the island, plus two more groups in Metro Manila, on Luzon Island.  The greatest losses have been of their crops:  corn, rice, bananas and other fruit trees.

Here is a New York Times article from Dec. 5:  Philippines Struggles to Reach Typhoon’s Victims.

My friend Julie from Montclair, CA, sent this link through the UU Partner Church Council:  Philippines Appeal for Climate Change Action.

Rev. Rebecca asks that we keep her congregations and people in our thoughts and prayers.  While working nonstop to help their congregations and villages, they still look forward to hosting a group of North American UUs on the UUCP Pilgrimage in March 2013.  (It’s always booked for March because that’s after the rainy season, but I am sure we will see much of the damage of these unusual storms.)


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This is just horrible. Is there anything we can do?

Comment by Lauren Davis-Todd

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