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Pledge Stewardship Drive 2103-14: Letter from the co-chairs to the congregation

This letter is going out in the U. S. mail along with a brightly colored brochure about this year’s annual pledge drive for the operating budget.   It includes a “ticket” to our Pledge Drive Pep Rally, which is an appreciation reception for everyone on a Sunday evening. 

Two weeks earlier, a letter signed by the UUSS board president arrived in our mail boxes to explain the annual pledge drive and the dates for the drive’s Kickoff Sunday (February 17)  and Touchdown Sunday (March 17).

Dear Members and Friends,

Being a member or friend of UUSS means taking both a personal and a collective spiritual journey.  We choose our own path together, so to speak, which is illuminated on our way by the many gifts we receive from UUSS.

When thinking about what our spiritual home offers, we often consider the adult education classes we have taken, such as Liberal Religious Bible Study, where we learned about Jesus through historical context, and felt blessed to welcome the teachings of a Unitarian Jesus to travel with us on our spiritual journey.  The great minds of our UU heritage joined us on our path during UU Theologies of the Mind and Heart.  We became residents of Forest Church’s Cathedral of the World and gazed up at its many windows, gaining a new understanding of how to feel connected to the people of the world’s diverse religions.  William Ellery Channing increased our gratitude for our free religion.

In the Big Five Questions, we defined our beliefs and formed guideposts along our path.  We felt a sense of belonging, appreciation, and sensitivity, listening to the beliefs of others, as we all searched for meaning, direction, comfort and life’s purpose.

Practicing relaxation, joy, clarity and peace, we take refuge in the Buddha (our inherent, enlightened nature) the dhamma (how things really are) and the sangha (the collective wisdom of those who have walked the path before us) in our meditation class.  When heartfelt questions have arisen regarding relationships and moral and social dilemmas,  Doug and Roger, through their sermons and through private conversations, have provided the way to self-understanding and motivation for change, respecting our unique perspectives, and have aided us as we tied down our own values and beliefs and aspired to act accordingly.

Roger officiated at our daughter’s wedding last year, which was attended by Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant family and friends.  The ceremony was eloquent and captivating, as Roger made every person present feel spoken to and included in this beautiful event, as he began his blessings for family and friends with, “As we gather today, we call forth all the goodwill of humanity.  Coming from different faith traditions and perspectives, together we bring with us the world’s longing for love and respect, for tenderness and understanding.”  We were not only  very proud parents of the bride, but also very proud to be  UUs with Roger representing our faith so perfectly to the family and friends we love.

UUSS fills our lives with love, fun, music, and words of wisdom, from all who attend, and from those who serve the congregation and from our two supremely real ministers who are unflagging in their inspiration and guidance.  Our efficient staff keeps things running smoothly and our buildings clean, safe and attractive.  Religious Education supports all kinds of families here at UUSS.

UUSS is truly our sanctuary.   It shapes our lives in the best possible way.  This is what we pledge to support financially.

This is the legacy we want to leave our children.  This is the message we want to bring to our family and friends.  We invite you to join us.  Please consider the enclosed materials, and make your annual pledge soon.  Your generosity makes a difference, and we thank you.

Lauren and Chuck Todd
Stewardship Team co-Chairs

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