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Priceless! Notes from an Outsider’s Perspective — Associate Minister’s February Newsletter Column

            Ah, remember the day you installed me! 

            A member of my doctoral class at Berkeley had something to say about it.  He is Korean and a Protestant minister.  He had come to that ceremony.  He’d brought his mom, also a Korean Christian immigrant. 

            During our seminary course recently, I was talking about Unitarian Universalism to my religiously mixed class.  He said, “I didn’t know much about UU theology, and I still may not understand it all.  But what I felt at Roger’s installation really impressed me.”

            In particular, he said, was the sense of inclusiveness in the service and from our congregation.  Priceless!

            He was struck also that the service had beautiful music, eloquent liturgy, dance and other arts, and a woman’s deep and powerful preaching.   He noted the participation of children and youth in the service and congregation.  The reception food was generously abundant and flavorful.

            Most of all, he said, “I could really feel the love there.”  So could his mother.  She told him that if she lived close to UUSS, she would want to come regularly.  Whatever the theology, he said, the message they felt was deep and impressive—the love.

            It was great to have an outsider’s fresh perspective.  Priceless!

            Isn’t this the reason you are here?  We long to experience the gifts of depth, beauty, love and hope in this place.  This place to belong and be cared for—this is why we keep coming back.  These are priceless gifts.  You could NOT put a price tag on what this community creates. 

            The combined gifts—all that we do here—are indeed priceless.  Yet providing all of this congregation’s component parts every year does call for cold, hard cash. 

            To sustain Religious Education and music, put on services, support our hardworking staff, and reimburse dedicated committee volunteers, we must raise money, year after year.  To pay utility bills, support our denomination, produce newsletters and host the web site, we must raise money. 

            By paying our way year after year, we sustain our vision from generation to generation. 

            That’s why we have the annual Pledge Drive for the operating budget.

            I hope to see you during this year’s brief pledge drive:  February 17 is Kickoff Sunday.  February 24 is a Pep Rally (an Appreciation Reception for all ages).  Then March 17 is Touchdown Sunday.  Thank you for pledging your financial support, year after year.  


With gratitude,




P.S.—The pledges we make this month will enable the board to present a budget proposal to the congregation to fund our programs and staff needs in 2013-14.  Our budget year starts July 1 but we need to plan ahead every year.  Thanks again.


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Roger, this is really great.

Comment by Lauren Davis-Todd

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