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UUSS Pastoral Prayer at the Start of Women’s History Month– Sunday, March 3, 2013

I invite you now to settle your bodies and notice your breathing for a time of contemplation in shared word and silence, and with music following.

Spirit of Life and of Love, fall fresh on us this morning.  Stir in us gratitude for all our blessings.  Grant us courage and wisdom for the living of our days.

We appreciate the diversity of sorrows, concerns, milestones and celebrations among us in this fellowship of seekers.   On our hearts may be those who have passed away.  Let us tell their names aloud into the space of our sanctuary. To these, let us add:  all those dying from gun violence, especially the young men of our neighborhoods and our nation. Two shepherd boys killed in Afghanistan, by accident by NATO forces.  The young taxi driver from Mozambique, lynched by eight police officers in South Africa last week.  We mourn every loss, and lament those taken by violence.

Let us call to mind all who need our healing thoughts and our care:  those among us with financial troubles or job worries, people with active addictions and those in recovery, those who are hungry for food, and hungry for love;

Those with troubling medical conditions, those burdened by pains of the body, mind or spirit.

In particular, we mention these people:  Marie, the mother of Jeff, who is the partner of our member Kevin, is in her last days of life, receiving palliative care.  Michelle, our member whose cancer has brought her to the point of hospice care, but who rallied herself last Sunday for one last visit for a service with us.  A mother requesting prayers for her son in residential treatment. Jose, brother of two of our custodians, paralyzed from the chest down after a fall at work.  He’s now in rehab.

Either whispering to ourselves or speaking aloud, let us now add other names and the needs on our hearts into the space of our sanctuary.

May healing and peace come to all who need it.

Life has its joyful milestones as well, and reasons for celebration and gratitude.  In particular, Fran, turning 90 last week.  Let us now speak more of the names or events on our hearts into the space of our sanctuary.

May one another’s good news give to all of us reasons for gratitude.

As Women’s History Month begins, we call to mind all those women, girls and transgender persons who have changed our world and our lives:  Margaret Fuller, Transcendentalist leader.  Olympia Brown, Universalist minister.  Malala Yousafzai, 15-year-old Pakistani student shot by the Taliban for going to school, who survives and vows to continue her activism.   Harriet Tubman, fugitive slave and slave rescuer.  Marie Curie, chemist and physicist.  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia.  Let us speak some of the names on our hearts into the space of our sanctuary.

We pray for the women and girls who are victimized and oppressed.  We grieve those taken by violence.  We give thanks for the activists, agitators, mothers, teachers, artists, domestic workers, factory workers, philanthropists, diplomats, …and everyone whose dignity and courage continue to inspire others.

May peace and healing prevail in places near and far, starting in our own hearts.

May we have the courage to accept ourselves as we are, with compassion, so that we can accept others for who they are.  Spirit of Life and of Love, fall fresh on us this morning, and bless us in the days to come.  Help us dare to be the people that we are called to be.  Blessed. Be.

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