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What’s this pledging stuff all about?—Brief explanation of the annual pledge drive

Sustaining Our Vision–From Year to Year and From Generation to Generation!

Every winter a volunteer team invites other members and friends of the congregation to make pledges of support for the coming church budget year (2013-14).  Our church budget year starts July 1.  This happens every year at this time so the Board of Trustees can reliably develop a budget for income and expenses for the budget year (fiscal year).

All our pledge commitments for the coming year are crucial for this planning process.  Our yearly operating fund’s budget depends overwhelmingly on pledge contributions from members and pledging friends.

The operating budget includes compensation and benefits for all our ministerial, administrative, custodial, education, and music staff music.  It funds our utility payments, building and grounds upkeep and maintenance, supplies, refreshments, security, online maintenance, and our dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Every pledge is important.  Please bring your 2013-14 Pledge Form to UUSS so our budget will be accurate–and happy.  If you have already turned it in, thank you!

If you don’t plan to make a pledge for the coming church year, just fill out $0.00 on the pledge form.  That will save our volunteers the task of making a reminder phone call.  If you do plan to make a pledge now for the coming budget year, please know that every pledge is important.

Pledge Visits--Anyone may request a visit by a trained Stewardship Team pledge visitor—in your home or at a café.  In addition, we will contact a limited number of Members and Friends for in-home visits for this year’s pledge drive.  We try to reach out to some portion of the congregation every year to connect, hear feedback, and relay questions to lay leaders, ministers and our staff.  This year of big changes surely has many of us thinking deeply about UUSS.  If you would like to request a visit by one of our Pledge Visitors, let us know stewardship@uuss.orx

For inspiration regarding our theme and the fiscal year to come, read below for testimonials given at recent services by dads, moms and youth in our congregation.

  I loved all of them!

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