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Meet the UUs in the Philippines! Pilgrimage Options for March 2014

            An in-depth introduction to the people, programs and hopes of the UU Church of the Philippines, a joyful feast for your mind and your heart.

            Fees include all flights and ground transportation once you arrive in the country, plus your meals, accommodations, entertainment expenses, travel food and various other expenses, etc.  You will need to pay about $1,11oo for travel between the US and Manila, plus costs of alcoholic beverages, gifts, personal expenses, and airport transfers as you leave the country.  There is a $150 charge to compensate the host church and the Council for arranging this trip. The memories and friendships you make come at no charge.  Trip coordinators:  Rev. Rebecca Sienes in the Philippines and Lee Boeke Burke in the USA, available to help you achieve your personal/congregational goals.

            This year the UU Partner Church Council offers three options:

 March 10 – 17:  $870 (single supplement $120)– Travel to Negros Island from Manila to the heartland of UUism.  You will learn how Unitarian Universalism developed and meet the courageous UUs who are working to grow the faith and the hope of their communities. Enjoy the warmth of this beautiful country and their amazing hospitality.  We will visit with many congregations—some who need a partner church—and  enjoy the beautiful tropical environment of the islands.  On road trip we travel in air-conditioned vans and stay in nice hotels. Some of the oldest coral reefs in the world lie just offshore. Dumaguete, home of the headquarters of the UU Church (UUCP), is a college town known as the friendliest city in the Philippines.  Our hosts from UUCP welcome us with open arms and smiling faces. Join us for this memorable pilgrimage.

Pre-trip to Manila March 7 -10:  $460–Enjoy the warm hospitality and lively culture of Manila.  Visit the newest UU congregation in the Philippines. Learn the history:  This amazing country has seen so much – from the Spanish colonization, to the Japanese invasion and the American occupation and rebuilding of the city after WW II.  Explore the  heritage and architecture of Manila and get to know the energetic, young UU presence in Manila as well as a congregation in the poor area of metro-Manila.  An experience you won’t soon forget.

Post-trip March 18 – 21, 2014 (can be extended, expenses to be arranged)–Extend your visit with an opportunity to spend a few days in your partner village or explore some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and premier dive sites. Please let us know what your ideas are and we’ll see what we can arrange for you.

             Learn more or sign up at the UUPCC website.   Or call the UUPCC office at 781-275-1710. If you have any questions, please contact Lee Boeke Burke by sending me (Rev. Roger) an email.  Minimum of 8 travelers to make this trip a go; deadline is Jan 3.  Philippine weather can be quite hot and some of the roads and paths we travel can be rough. Please discuss any travel concerns you have with us before deciding if this is the trip for you.

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Roger, will you be going on this trip?

Comment by lauren davis todd

I will go along if we can get at least three other folks from UUSS or a nearby UU church to go. I’ve been to the UU Church of the Philippines twice and highly recommend the trip.

Comment by Rev. Roger

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