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Cofee, Coffee, Coffee–Wake Up & Smell the Coffee– a Fun-raiser to replenish coffee at UUSS Nov. 3

This is a fun-raiser!  Bring a can or bag of drip grind coffee or make a tax-deductible donation of $10 or $20 to help us replenish our supply of condiments, cups, and tea.   Before each service on Sunday, November 3.  (This is the “fall back” day—set clocks back 1 hour on Saturday night.)

We’ll have fun with this fun-raiser, singing the UU song  “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.”   Let me know if you think singing this parody hymn is a bad idea for the service.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

(sung to the tune Nicaea (known in the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy”)

words by Christopher Raible

Click here for the tune

And read the words here:

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee,

Praise the strength of coffee.

Early in the morn we rise with thoughts of only thee.

Served fresh or reheated,

Dark by thee defeated,

Brewed black by perk or drip or instantly.

Though all else we scoff we

Come to church for coffee;

If we’re late to congregate, we come in time for thee.

Coffee our one ritual,

Drinking it habitual,

Brewed black by perk or drip instantly.

Coffee the communion

Of our Uni-Union,

Symbol of our sacred ground, our one necessity.

Feel the holy power

At our coffee hour,

Brewed black by perk or drip or instantly.

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lol – brilliant! Can’t wait to sing it at church.

Comment by Janet Lopes

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