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Pastoral Prayer for All-Ages Sunday, October 27, 2013
November 1, 2013, 11:10 am
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 After hymn #51, “Lady of the Seasons’ Laughter”

             Now please join with me for a time of contemplation in word and silence.  Relax for a few moments.  Notice your body in your seat.  Notice any sensations in your legs, arms or hands.          Notice your breathing, in and out.  Notice your neighbors’ breathing, our common breath.  After these words we will take half a minute of stillness together, and then have music. 

            Spirit of many names and of no name—Mother of the generations, Breath of life, God of love—we give thanks for the gift of life and the gift of this new day.  We note the fragility of life.  Among us today are those recalling the faces and the presence of people no longer with us.   Let us remember that grief arises out of love and gratitude for those we have lost. 

            We cast our caring thoughts around the room and beyond these walls to those hurting or grieving due to many kinds of loss—the gun violence in Sparks, Nevada; in Roseville, and in Sonoma County; the car crash in Lodi, and conflicts near and far, all around the globe.  To places of oppression and strife, we send prayers for peace and liberation.  

            We also call to mind those who need healing, hope, inspiration and and encouragement.  At this time, we can lift up their names and their needs, whether whispering to ourselves or calling them out.  Let us now bring them into the space of our sanctuary.  [PAUSE.] 

May courage, serenity and hope come to all who need it. 

            In this harvest season, we remember the abundance of life and give thanks for the sights, sounds, flavors or smells that bring delight.  As Halloween approaches, we think of the children around us in our communities, and of the child in each one of us.  Let this holiday remind us to take ourselves lightly and bring pleasure into every day.   This Halloween, may all of us be safe, have fun, not overdo it, and remember to brush our teeth and floss. 

            In this service for all ages, we celebrate our community of people in all ages and stages of life.  We lift our hearts in thanks for those who serve this congregation as lay leaders, volunteers, and staff members.  Let us all know that every act of service or generosity makes a difference.  Every gift makes a difference, starting with the gift of our attention and presence.   It matters that we are here. 

            Now, with the rustlings and murmurings of our community around us, let us take half a minute for stillness, followed by music.   Blessed be.



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