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at UUSS, Which Minister Oversees What Programs and Staff Positions?

By the Acting Senior Minister

Given the revenue challenges in last spring’s budget preparations, we have only 1.5 ministry positions this fiscal year, versus the two ministry positions that UUSS enjoyed the prior 10 years.   Fortunately, we have an ideal match for our needs in our Assistant Minister, the Rev. Lucy Bunch.  She is here on a year’s contract on a half-time basis.

Lucy supervises our Bookkeeper, Facilities Coordinator, and Congregational Support Coordinator, who in turn oversee other dedicated staff members.  She leads our biweekly staff meetings.   Lucy provides ministerial support to the Finance Committee, Property Management, and Implementing the Master Plan (for our building project and the related relocation for the year when the renovation takes place).

Lucy will preach eight times this year and is at worship on the Sundays when she is here.  Often she leads a hymn or sings a solo.  As time allows, Lucy provides support to other committees.  She’s available for pastoral care, especially for any stresses and needs related to the many transitions we have begun or have gone through already.

As Acting Senior Minister, I supervise the Assistant Minister, the music program and staff, and the dedicated Religious Education Coordinator, who in turn supports our nursery staff and many volunteers.

I provide ministerial support to our volunteer teams for Stewardship, Religious Services, Music, Adult Enrichment, Child/Youth Religious Education, Social Responsibility, Family Promise, “Faithful Friends” Jail Visitations, Lay Listening Ministry, Membership/Greeters, Theater One, fundraisers, and the Endowment Trust.

I write the Ministerial Message for emailing to all.  I lead the Newcomers’ Orientation to Membership.  What am I forgetting?

I provide much of the pastoral care and, sadly, conduct our memorial services.  I’d like to do some baby dedications, soon!  In the senior minister position, I continue to be the minister who oversees Religious Education and All-Ages Community Building.  You could say that I am still a family minister–but for me, “family” now means the whole congregation!

Lucy and I both serve as ex officio members of the Board and Program Council and meet with the Executive Committee, which gives us input on management issues.  We share a Committee on Ministry, which meets monthly to reflect on the pulse of UUSS and the congregation’s overall ministry.  Lucy and I meet often, as well

I appreciate her wisdom, talents, commitment and energy!  I appreciate all the staff and volunteers who serve UUSS!

See you in church,


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