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“Enchanted April” in Sacramento — Theater Review
April 19, 2014, 8:41 am
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Our church’s own Theater One company, founded in 1960, launched this play last night on our stage.  “Enchanted April,” by Matthew Barber, was a Tony Award nominee for best play recently and it has won other awards.  Based on a 1922 novel, it also was a movie in the 1990s.

It takes place in London and in Italy in 1922, just a few years after the devastation of the First World War, which left many woman in widowhood.  But it’s still a man’s world, as we learn from the bored, frustrated married woman among the main characters.   Two of them reach out of their isolation to rent a castle together for a ladies-only retreat on the Italian coast.   Themes include marriage and gender roles, duty vs. freedom, religious piety vs. joy in life, and the transformation from self-limitation to daring self-expression, and from mistrust to friendship

I see a lot of theater in town and am glad to have seen this play too!   It’s a very enjoyable romantic comedy.

Tim Anderson’s lighting, set design and construction are amazing and beautiful, the results of many weekends of work for this local Elly Award winner and church member.  Sound effects are effective, and the music is lovely.  Lisa Karkoski and Mike Erwin, lay leaders at UUSS, have brought out the gifts of the script and of their gifted ensemble of actors.  I had not seen or met most of the cast before, as they are from the wider theater community and not members of my church.  All of them  inhabited their characters just right (highlighted by very good costuming)–lovely and moving performances.

Our Theater One regulars David Paul and Ron Galbreath played the leading ladies’ husbands, both going through a personal transformation after their wives have asserted themselves as autonomous beings and rent a house together in Italy for the month of April.

“Enchanted April” runs Friday & Saturday nights at 8:00 PM:  April  25, 26; May 2, 3.

And Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM:  April 27, and May 4.

Buy tickets at church after the 9:30 or 11:15 AM service or at



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