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Senior Minister’s Message: A Big Deal! {Newsletter column from May 2014}

We easily achieved a quorum of members at the April 6 meeting of the congregation. After her introductory remarks, Linda, UUSS Board President, received a motion and a second for authorization to borrow up to $1.1 million to ensure sufficient financing of Phase 1A of the Master Plan for the Building and Grounds. This was a big deal!

After much respectful discussion from supporters of this motion and those expressing opposition, Linda called for a vote by hand. The results were 93 yes, 7 no, 2 abstain. Thanks to all for your enthusiasm and caution, your questions and ideas—thanks for your participation!

With this approval, we can set about doing two things:

1)    raising donations to minimize the amount of borrowing and to save on annual interest costs. We may launch a second two-year capital giving campaign for this purpose.

2)    getting ready to build; moving to our Home Away from Home by fall. The Master Plan Building Committee is working on all of this. Stay tuned for announcements.


I am confident the results of our Building Project will be worth it:

  •  A bigger, brighter, welcoming space for all the spiritually progressive and spiritually hungry folks who will come looking for a place to belong and connect.
  • An energy-efficient facility, plus bike racks, and better drainage—putting our green principles into practice. The facility will be more accessible and safer.
  •  More space so we can all meet together in a service and for fellowship activities. A beautiful sanctuary to give spiritual comfort in times of stress or grief.
  • A larger profile in the region as a beacon of liberal religion and service to the local community. More facilities to support our social justice ministries.

Because I think the result will be worth it—and because I like avoiding debt—I am thinking how deeply I can dig into my assets to increase my level of participation in the Building Fund. I know that many of you are thinking about that as well.

I know that not everyone can make a large gift. That is okay! We would never ask you to make a gift that you don’t have. However, we can all be generous, so we hope that everyone will find a way to participate in a way appropriate for them.

Your moral support, encouragement, good questions and creative ideas also matter very much. This is how we build the beloved community.   Thank you for your giving and your vision.

Thank you for being part of UUSS.

Yours in service,


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