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Roger’s Remote Office Hours Thursday
May 20, 2015, 10:18 pm
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Thursday, May 21, 11:00 to 1:00 PM, at Insight Coffee Roasters in the Pavilions shopping center, 566 Pavilions Lane, off Fair Oaks Blvd. (Not the downtown site!)

This is less remote than the last location and this means I won’t get lost on the way. I hope you don’t! It’s a lovely place and not far from a few sandwich spots if you want to grab someone to go grab a sandwich or a salad. Remember, if you wish for a personal appointment, I can meet you before or after these hours, or make an appointment to meet you at UUSS. Also, I’m old fashioned enough that I enjoy talking by phone also!

My congregation and Tuesday’s Big Day of Giving!

Although religious organizations like UUSS do not participate in the Big Day of Giving on Tuesday, May 5 in the Sacramento region, you can be sure that many individual UUs from our community are participating as donors!

A wide range of local not-for-profit organizations seek special donations on this one special day:  performing arts, education, environmental, domestic violence, food and shelter, community service and children’s organizations and a few other categories.

Personally I serve on the local YMCA advisory board, and I know how important the Y is to kids, families, and seniors, especially those of low incomes.  I attend many concerts and plays in this area. They enrich our community and my own life.  I know many hardworking human service professionals and volunteers who serve important local organizations.  I admire what they do.  All these organizations make this region a great place to live.

Last year our shared Big Day generosity generated $3 million in special gifts!  This year the goal is $5 million.  It matters that we give on this day, as each organization stands to gain special matching funds and prize money (for having the largest number of givers, for example).

This Tuesday is “24 Hours to Give Where Your Heart Is!”

Add a comment below stating two or three of the local organizations close to your heart that are part of the Big Day of Giving lineup.  Learn more at

Yours with thanks,

Rev. Roger

“Jungle Book” opens! 11 am and 2 pm Saturdays at UUSS
May 2, 2015, 8:02 am
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If you know some kids, bring ’em.  If you don’t, you’ll enjoy the squeals of adults just as much.  The adults and youth in this play are an amazing cast, and the original set it gorgeous. If you’ve never been to 2425 Sierra Blvd, don’t be daunted by the construction site.  Just keep driving past the chain link fence and you’ll find the east building where the play takes place.  $5 each.

Break a leg, !

Remote Office Hours Today in Orangevale: God, Coffee, You & Rev Roger

Hey, suburban UUs and other spiritual progressives!
Today is the first of my Remote Office Hours for those who live a distance from the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento (UUSS). Today, May 1, from 11:30-1:30. Look for our group around a table in conversation, or at least look for me all by my lonesome!
I can be available for private pastoral appointments in each location before and after that time frame. Now accepting café/city suggestions for May 21 and June 5.

FOR TODAY, Friday, May 1, 11:30-1:30: The café in Raley’s at 8870 Madison and Hazel in Fair Oaks/Orangevale.