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Minister’s May Newsletter Message: Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way!

I’m overdue to redraft my Last Will and Testament. I also should create a Trust.

Since doing my will in 1991, things have changed. My nephews have grown up. They are out on their own, and their parents have done quite well, so they are not in need of all my assets. For 17 years, I haven’t even been in the Midwestern UU church that I listed as a beneficiary in my will long ago. Now I have a new congregation that is near to my heart and whose mission inspires my actions. This one!


Other things have changed. Since those days, I’ve become a graduate of one UU seminary and I feel very close to another one. I want them to continue to produce “all the ministers that are above average” for a long time to come.


At UUSS, our 50-year Master Plan for the Buildings and Grounds is visionary and beautiful, and the amount of resources necessary over the years for it will not be small. What made this plan possible in the first place were bequests of beloved members and friends of UUSS, now departed. You can see all their names on the metal Gratitude and Appreciation tree sculpture in the lobby.


Our fundraising consultant, Rev. Bud Swank, told me that we need an organized program to invite people to consider and plan on leaving a bequest or other legacy to UUSS with instruments like wills, trusts, mutual fund beneficiary designations, etc. This will ensure the Master Plan has sufficient resources down the road. I decided to get going on this need myself.


I don’t expect to die soon, but I don’t want to neglect putting down on paper the decisions that could put my assets to use in the service of my liberal religious values and in support of the mission and continuing ministry of this congregation.


If you’d like to talk to a minister about the kind of legacy you would like to plan for the future of Unitarian Universalism, please be in touch with one of us. I’m glad you are here now, in person. I look forward to seeing you soon on a Sunday. Take care!


Thank you for being part of UUSS.


Yours in service,





Giving: My Reflections (on the upwelling of generosity this week!)

Giving:  My Reflections (from the Weekly Message, sent by email to the congregation)

It has been gratifying these past several days!
Here at UUSS we have seen members, friends and guests bring in nonperishable food items, clothing, toys, and personal care items for the Together We Share boxes in the Connection Central Lobby.
Both Doug and I have had members reach out to meet with us to talk about making special donations to the church, and ask us about options and opportunities for making both year-end gifts and for including UUSS in their will or trust planning.   I’ve run into people bringing a check to the office, or filling out a monthly pledge card.   And of course there have been plenty of goodies brought in for those of us who work here.
The holidays bring out a spirit of generosity and connection.  Even when times are tough—perhaps especially when times are tough—the act of giving seems to be a sign of possibility and potential.  Your gifts to UUSS not only show your appreciation for all that this congregation does and all that it means.
Your gifts also keep UUSS doing all the good things that we do together in support of its Mission, Values and Covenant.  Thank you!
Our loyal bookkeeper, Michele, will be back in the office next week.
After Tuesday, when she processes the payday numbers with our payroll service, Michele can receive any year-end gift you would care to make to make to UUSS, whether to the all-important Operating Fund, the Heritage Fund (in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion), or a gift in support of the Master Planning process for the future of this UUSS campus (Details in January Unigram, page 3.)
By the way, last week Michele mailed the quarterly Contribution Report to all of us (sent by regular mail or by email). It includes a summary of both pledge payments and special contributions to UUSS that we may have made, and helps us know if we are current.
If you did not get this and were expecting an email, check your spam or junk folder, since our PowerChurch system’s mail  sometimes gets caught in those filters.  If you still don’t have it, feel free to contact Michele.  She will respond as soon as she can.

With my deep thanks for another blessed year together, and my wishes for a safe and peaceful holiday weekend,

Yours in service,

Family Minister

PS—on the above topic, two years ago my newsletter column for January was entitled:  “The Tax Deadline Approaches:  Don’t Get Taken While Giving!”  If you click the link you can read it on Pastor Cranky’s weblog.